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June 10, 2014


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Shari B.

This is so beautiful. The love you have for her is evident through each picture and the words you so eloquently wrote. It touched me deeply. I hope you will soon be able to find happiness in all of your memories with her.


Hi Kelly
I am so sorry about your lost. You wrote such a beautiful post about your beloved cat that it reminded how I felt when I lost my beloved rabbit precious. I know there is nothing anyone could say to make the pain your feeling go away. But I am truly sorry about your lost.



I'm so sorry about Bun. She had such personality! She (you) made me laugh and say awwwwwww many times.


I'm so sorry about Bun's passing. I've been reading your blog for a long time and have really enjoyed following her antics. You were lucky to have her in your lives and she was very lucky to have you.


oh kelly i am so very sorry for your loss. i have enjoyed all your bun stories over the years. every time i take my cat to the vet and he mews pitifully, i think of how you discovered the exact music (live U2?) to play for bun during long car trips.

thank you for sharing this beautiful tribute. <3


I'm so sorry for your loss. Your tribute was beautifully written. I always loved reading about Bun and her adventures for all these years. Sending much love to you and Jeff as you grieve.


I was so glad to see your blog appear in my email today, but then heart broken for the reason. Your tribute to sweet Bun is lovely as she was. I feel your grief and loss as I still miss my sweet cat Sadie that was much like your Bun. I lost her and our sweet yellow lab, Molly a year a half ago, just a couple of months apart. We still miss them sorely every day. One of the dogs I still have only has a couple of months left and needs a lot of care now. I am trying to savor every day we still have left with him. It never ever gets easier to lose one of our babies. But, I would never trade the time I've had with each of them. They are each so special. Sending a prayer for comfort to you and Jeff.


:'( ;;;;;;;;;;


I'm so sorry for the loss of your beautiful friend. Bun was delightful and one of a kind, and I've enjoyed all of your stories and pictures featuring her. Sending prayers for you and Jeff in these hard days as you grieve, and our Cat Kirk and Nigel send you kitten hugs.

Elizabeth Mackey

What a beautiful tribute to a very exceptional pet. So sorry for your loss :( She truly was one of those animals that touched your heart. She brought so much joy to all of us that got to see her through your beautiful photos. She will be missed by all of us who followed her on here.


Thank you, everybody. It's been such a rough week, but the overwhelming number of messages of love and understanding I've received have made it a little easier. Bun was loved by many people! I live a part of the country where the harsh realities of farm life mean that animal life is not worth very much, but there are still so many people who get that pets are family members. And you've all made me feel less like a crazy cat lady and more like somebody who was fortunate that she shared her sweet life with me.


Oh, I'm so so sorry! You gave her such a wonderful, long life and made her feel loved and comfortable, even in her last days.

We lost two beloved cats within a year of each other and even though it's been a few years and we've since had new cats come into our lives, I still tear up just thinking about the ones who shared our lives for so long.

Caroline M

Kelly, I am so sorry for your loss. I watched your video and read this post and ended up in tears. Our pets become such an important part of our lives, it's only normal to be so sad when their time to leave us comes.
It seems as though you gave her a wonderful home. Funny how animals sometimes choose their new owners. My cat, Pumpkin, came into my life in a somewhat similar fashion - she was a rescue, abandoned and picked up by a shelter. I went to an "adoption day", sat on one end of a couch and she came right over to me, stood on my lap and rubbed up against my (now) husband's hand. I knew right then and there that it was meant to be. That was 7 years ago. She's such an important part of my day; from her meowing to wake me up in the morning, following me in my morning routine, galloping like a horse down the hallway to be fed, greeting me at the door when I come home, having to be in the washroom with me when I take a bath (even though she detests water), following us from room to room, sleeping next to us when we're sick or sad, etc. Such precious things they do and such joy they bring to our lives.
I honestly can't think about this topic too much, I get teary-eyed thinking about the day when she'll no longer be there.
So no, you're not a crazy cat lady, just someone who is mourning the loss of a very important being in your life.

Lana Harnice

This is a beautiful tribute to a loved family member. I can only imagine your pain. I have lost pets and it is so painful. They are not just a pet but a beloved family member in their own right. I read your post and sobbed like a baby. I take comfort in the belief that God has all of these special babies we have lost in a special place and we will see them again one day!


Jennifer Schaefer

So sorry about Bun, Kelly! Though I am glad to see you back, I enjoy your postings and beautiful photos and paintings.


Kelly, I have been reading your blog for quite some time and many of the recipes you've posted have become favorites that I've made over and over again. I was so hoping that you would come back to this blog one day. When I heard Emily say on her broadcast that Bun had passed away, I actually gasped. I can't imagine how hard this must be. She was one of the most beautiful and adorable cats I've ever seen, and your photographs of her really capture that. I completely understand the feeling of having a cat be one "constant" in your life, there through difficult times and the good times, too. I'm sorry that I never commented before, but am so happy to see that you are back.

jennifer ann fox

so very sorry for your loss. I had a very similar experience with a 17 year old chihauhau I had since he was 8 weeks old. Long story but very very similar and it hurt so so bad. No other pet will take the place of your Bun but I know for me I now have another chihauah so very different in all ways but another beautiful friend and soulmate to me. I believe furbabies bond with us and pick us out because they see an unconditional love in us and us in them. I'm sure our pets are waiting for us in heaven. Again, I'm so very sorry.
Jennifer Fox


I am so sorry for your loss.


Condolences and THANK YOU! for letting us know, this must have been a very hard post to write, but Bun truly does have fans around the world and we were wondering what was up with her. Her littlebig personality shines right through to anyone reading your updates here. I hope your other kitties are adjusting okay and offering you comfort during this difficult time. Bun will never be forgotten!


Such a touching account of your life with Bun. You were so fortunate to have found each other.


Our pets are members of our families. When they go to rainbow bridge, it is heart breaking. In my own experience, I still get choked up for my own pets who have passed. They will always be sorely missed and forever cherished. What a beautiful tribute to Bun you have compiled and posted here. I'm sending my deepest sympathy's to you and Jeff. You were very lucky to have her, and she lucky to have you both.


Thank you for sharing this wonderful tribute to your kitty. Everyone who has lost a soulmate animal understands. While there is sadness, there is also joy at having so many years with such a special creature, and being able to give her meticulous and loving care through her life.


I came to your blog by a friends suggestion, because I watercolor paint. And, found the story of Bun! Loving a cat is as dear a relationship as loving a human. I have heard that you can tell the character of a man by the way his cat interacts with him. So sorry for your loss! Even though I don't know you I am excited for your next move and building. Someone will buy your home, it only takes one person. :) Have fun downsizing! It's not easy to do but well worth the effort!

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