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September 12, 2013


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I LOVE your stoner robot voice, never ever change. Who are these jerks who say anything about you OR Emily? I can't even think of what those things would be.


Oh Caroline, the jerks, the jerks! It's just your garden-variety, anonymous YT awfulness. People feel like they can say absolutely anything there. Message boards also exist where small clusters of people (presumably young women) talk about makeup gurus and sometimes tear them to shreds. Emily is wise enough to ignore them, but out of a perverse sense of lioness-ness, for lack of a better word, I used to monitor them. I guess this was in case people got way out of hand or were threatening. But mostly it was just gossip, speculation about her marriage/career, complaints about her makeup techniques, petty remarks about Poof's appearance and fashion sense, stuff like that. But I'm done with the message boards now that I'm fair game too, I suppose. I guess that paragraph up there was a preemptive strike, and I tried to at least make it kind of funny.

You're the greatest, C.


The feminist part of my brain (so . . . All of it) has forcibly shut down the YouTube-comments-reading sector.

I loled a little at "lioness-ness" though.


I love this video, and all of your videos. You are truly talented and I love your voice and how you explain what you do in your videos. I look forward to watching more of your videos and looking at your newest works of art! Keep up the hard work, we all appreciate it!


Thank you so very much for making these videos, they really are very helpful and fun to watch.
I laughed so hard at that "stoner robot" part, mainly because of the fact that I like your voice so much.
All the best and keep up the good work!


Wow, your work is quite moving! Um, the one with Emily getting ready is actually making me cry....like I do when I watch Hallmark Movies. Caught me by surprise,actually! lol! Anyway, these of your sister are so sweet and the true essence of her, as I "know" her anyway, shines right through. What a blessing to have such gifts and to have each other! You girls are amazing!


Your voice is cool, and I like the thought of a stoner robot ;)You are beautiful and look absolutely stunning on all of your videos. Anyone that says nasty things about you or your videos is just hating themselves. They get off on being mean and want to make people feel as badly as they do.

I hope that you post a ton more videos, I love watching them. oh...love the nails too.

You are fabulous!

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