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July 13, 2013


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I've been TELLING you to start a channel for eons. Thanks for listening.;) Your prints are gorge and prices great!


Your paintings are great. But I notice that you use opera and alizarine crimson. Aren't both fugitive? Or is the brand that use are not?


Hi Runa! Good question. I enjoy using both of those colors, and the brands I use (Old Holland for aliz. crimson and Holbein for opera) are excellent. The full name for the former is Alizarine Crimson Lake Extra. Lake means it's transparent and extra means it's light-fast, and I've got to say I trust that claim. I could probably switch from aliz.crim. to something else, but as far as I know, there's only one opera pigment, and I love it so much. I've had no problems with either color changing over time. I have paintings from 1989, back when I used student-grade aliz.crim., and they look exactly the same. I wish I had a time machine so I could see what my paintings will look like 100 years from now, in case anyone still has them, but...yeah. I'm going to keep searching for an opera "extra."


Hmm! I found this on an artists' forum:

"Well, this is interesting.

"I was in love with Holbein (watercolor) Opera and wrote to Tom Lynch and Nita Leland about the supposed fugitive qualities of this color as well as Alizarin Crimson. On Nita Leland's website, she states from her testing Opera was very lightfast. Tom Lynch said "a man from Wilcox falsely stated in print that Holbein's Opera, aliz Crimson and others were fugitive without any back-up for his accusations. He was subsequently sued and all allegations against Holbein's paints were proven false. Unfortunatley word of mouth had spread the false rumors and some still pass incorrect information around. Tom has had his paintings accepted by museums...there is no problem in using any of Holbein's watercolor paints."

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