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March 06, 2013


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Angie M.

That's the best snowkitty I've ever seen. I'm of the mind that you should have made it in your front yard (since it looks like it's in your side yard?) to be admired (i.e. worshiped) by all.


Thanks Angie! We thought about that, but we didn't want to deal with the gravel out front. Also, our front yard isn't as visible to us when we're inside. We're greedy!

MaryAnn Sepke

This is better than any snowman ever made!!!!!! Only snowkitties on our lawn from now on! ;]


Right on, MaryAnn!


This is a strange question for this post..but I noticed that you have awesome curly hair. I was wondering what products you use on it. I have wavy/curly hair too and am having hair issues. Yours always looks great!


Thanks Teiva, but no it doesn't!

But here's what I do: wash with whatever is around, condition with Pantene conditioner for curly hair. On combed, barely towel-dried hair (I squeeze it gently to get most of the water out--takes about 5 seconds), I work in some Pantene gel for curly hair along with some Moroccan oil. I just mix the two together with my hands, bend over so my hair's upside down, and work it through from ends to almost-roots.

I do this every other day at around 6 pm. I let it air dry until bedtime. It's usually still kind of damp, but I'll put it in a high ponytail and sleep that way until morning. Then I take the ponytail down and let it finish air drying. Something about this calms down the curls and makes my hair seem wavy rather than curly.

Then I don't do anything to it. I don't even comb it until after I wash it again. If I'm frizzy, I put in some anti-frizz product like John Frieda's Secret Weapon. That's it! Hope this helps!


Thanks Kelly! That does help. I think that I need to revisit using a gel!

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