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December 02, 2012


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OMG. That pie..it looks AMAZING! I have a house full of boy/men people who detest peanut or peanut better anything, though. I am going to have to check out that cookbook, though.

I love the picture of you and Jeff. You are sooo unbelievable gorgeous!


Thank you so much, Teiva! The cookbook is loaded with non-peanutty recipes, and the text is fun to read in and of itself. :)


I got here by way of Emily's vlog, and am now realizing that you live right around where I am for now and she was right here for Thanksgiving. Ah! Not that I could have shown up on your doorsteps without creeping the bajeezus out of everyone and getting arrested haha

Back to the main point - I originally came to check out your art. Holy wow! I'm just learning and you've got me wowed. Add me to your fan list :) It's so cool that you take every day moments and turn them into vivid paintings.

And your food looks AMAZING! That turkey looks perfect, the pie is envy-inducing (I thought it looked doable, then I read about it. I'll leave the sugar boiling bit to the experts!) and I want to know whats on the bottom two tiers, below the apple pie.

Definitely enjoyed reading this entry and now following your blog :)

Happy Holidays!

Colleen Head

As we come around to another Thanksgiving, I have to tell you that I have made your stuffing (well I tweaked it a tiny bit) every year since you posted this (found by way of Emilys vlog btw) and Im no longer welcome at Thanksgiving without it! Its delicious!! :)

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