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October 12, 2012


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Kendra Holliday

But, but, I thought Jeff was your trophy husband!

Kidding aside, this painting is incredible, as is the planets one. People can be so obtuse!

Thank you for expanding the beautyscape of our world!


Wow! Absolutely exquisite. I love the rich colors you get working with watercolor!


Beautiful, amazing painting! F&@$ the guy who didn't the other painting! Hope next week is better for you.


Gorgeous. (I originally typed Georgeous and almost left it.)

Alisha Plummer

Beautiful! You have an amazing gift!


This one is amazing. Nothing amusing to add, just wow.


Thanks for all the supportive comments, everybody! I'm feeling better today.


That's amazing! I think you may actually still be improving. Especially now you have more time to paint. Definitely one of the best things you've done.


Completely random, but I just realized you live near where I was born. My first home was Hume (just off of 36) and I was born in Danville. They tore down the hospital soon after. Apparently no one could follow an act like me. #shrug

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