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October 15, 2012


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Voted. I hope you win!


Thanks very much, Angie! Bun thanks you too!

Donna Butler

I voted for you today - do you know if you can vote more than once (like once a day until it ends)? Your work is amazing!

Dawn S.

All hail Bun, the mighty hunter!


Hi! Do you know how to test if your own content is unique in the whole blogosphere and there is no such a person who is using it without your awareness?

Callum Espley Clegg

Came across your work accidentally on google and I think it is amazing! I am doing my GCSE art and I am searching artists and I was wondering whether you could tell me a bit about yourself and the way you paint, I particularly love your glass gems, they're amazing and fit right into my art project. Hopefully you'll get this soon. I would love to do your work! Part of my project into artists I do a few copies of yours in my sketchbook which I'll do but I need to know things like your name? Been searching this website for about an hour trying to find your name! If you could email me at callumespleyclegg@yahoo.co.uk that'd be really helpful! Hopefully you'll get this soon and see it before my GCSE passes! :D thanks, and I really hope you email me, I LOVE your work!!!

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