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September 08, 2012


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Congrats, Kelly! Well deserved (and so lovely that you were present to receive the honor).

Arena Shawn

Hahaha... Your blog makes such an interesting read. I am an artist working in watercolors too and love, love, love your paintings! But shall I say above all I love reading your blog! (I found it today and read it cover to cover -- it makes me smile and laugh and feel human race still have hope, because people do meet and fall in love, for real! And I love those sweet recipes...) I just started selling online and blogged to help promote my art, and time and time again I feel I am completely flashed out of materials to blog about -- how many times can one say "I did wet in wet washes to achieve this softness" in a blog? And all the advice I got from art business coach columns warns me to restrain from blogging about personal issues -- how am I feel today? Customers don't care! As a result, I feel my blog was bone dry just like the other one million wannabe artists blogs out there -- detached, without any memorable information. I love the way you blog about your art, and your life! Why should artist's life be completely separated from their art? Looking forward to read more!


I love your paintings too, Arena!

And thanks for your kind words about my blog. No offense to your art business coach, but I think you have to present yourself as a real person and tell the stories behind your paintings and what's going on in your life. Who wants to buy art from a robot?

I started this as more of a life blog anyway--I have always loved to write, and this was a great creative outlet for me. Over the past couple of years I've been able to quit teaching and focus on my art exclusively, and that's found its way into my blog. And I appreciate my readers who have come along with me. I don't have lots and lots of readers, and my posts are often way too long for most people, but the ones who like what I do mean so much to me, as do you. Thank you for wading through all of this! :D

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