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September 23, 2012


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Less Butter Than You Might Expect!: The Kelly Eddington Story

You have no reason to know this, but my parents also have a cat they found on the streets of Oregon. He's largeish and quite masculine and spends a lot of time outside, so he doesn't have Bun's cute quotient, but he's still a very handsome good boy.


Very Handsome Good Boy: The Caroline's Parents' Cat Story

Love it. You know, I saw what had to be Bun's mother a few times in my neighborhood in Oregon. She even turned up on my doorstep once. She looked exactly like Bun but more robust and with a big fluffy tail. I would have loved to have taken her in as well, but I was already secretly violating my slumlord's "no pets" edict, so it was too bad for mama (who seemed pretty wild anyway). Maybe your parents' cat and Bun are distant relatives...? I'll get Bun working on a family tree project.


Aww that photo of Bun looks like it's a pointillist painting!

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