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September 04, 2012


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Well, there are a lot of talking points here.

1. Shoutout to a thing I said this morning! YESSSS

2. No shot of the finished painting outside of plastic? Did I miss it?

3. The color of anything made with beets is the best color.

4. Pac-Man fields!! I love them too.

5. Your paint-set iPhone cover is the cutest thing.
5a. Was it a gift from Jeff;
5b. Did he find it while doing research.

Mark D.

VERY MEAN! Nothing you have posted makes me want to actually GO to LA myself, though.


My name is also Caroline and I just thought I should mention that it made me feel special to be called out even if I'm not THE Caroline who commented above. I can't wait to see the painting!

It also bears mentioning that I blame your LA posts for my extra purchase at the Trader Joe's today...


Haha! Thanks for the great comments, Mark and Carolines!

Caroline 1: All will be revealed tomorrow. I'm such a damned tease.
Mark: Yeah, I know. There are 100,000 other places worth seeing before L.A., but looking back I'm filled with fond memories because I shared them with Jeff. We have a good time wherever we are.
Caroline 2: I apologize in advance for your future addiction. We got panicky after our jar was empty, but luckily we found a similar product with a different label (Biscoff spread).


Please describe the Biscof taste. Spotted it recently so I want to try it. Anyway-you are sooo talented. I want to read more this painting! Thanks for all the lol's Kelly. You're hilarious! The bus ride play by plays are just too rich. You write incredibly well.


Hi Tobin--Biscoff cookies taste like gingersnaps, if you're familiar with those. The ginger gives the cookies a warmth that I associate with Christmas. They also remind me of these animal crackers (not sure if they're available where you are).

Glad you're enjoying my L.A. stories! I was worried that people would be so bored. I just posted a giant blog about the painting today, check it out!

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