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September 03, 2012


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Matt Crowley

Fantastic! The characters outside the theater in Hollywood are often the subject of Joseph Wambuagh's recent novels, full of criminal burlesque.

It's wonderful you got to see the Breaking Bad art exhibit, everything looks fantastic. Jealous! I've always enjoyed the time I've spent in LA, the last time being a shoot for an episode of Ripleys way back in 2000. We filmed inside the Magic Castle in Hollywood, which was a trip in itself. On our way to the airport we saw a real-life fire hydrant that had been hit by a car and was in full fountain mode, just like in the movies...


I LOVE all the pics and description. It's like I'm in LA.;) I also love love love that you took the bus all over the place. Would you do it again? That's the question. Great blogging K!


Thanks for the comments, Matt (sounds like quite an adventure for you) and Tobin (to answer your question, probably not)!

Gary Eddington

Glad you were able to go to the art show. Too bad you didn't have something for them. The waffles looked really good. If I go to LA I want Jeff to plan the trip. Sorry to hear that the ocean has an aroma. Good blog, felt like I was there.


Jeff seems like an awesome tour guide and travel planner. Thanks for bringing us along Kelly.


He really is, Lynn! I'm lucky to be his wife. <3


Man, the best part of these traveblogues (see what I did there?) is how Jeff researches everything.


I SAW and you're right. No Jeff = no fun trip.

Jeff Carroll

Thank you for the kind words. Kelly is the perfect traveling partner. One problem being the planner is that when things go wrong, you feel much more responsible. Kelly just remains happy and cheerful and thankful. And Kelly is funnier in real life than she is in the blog, if you can imagine.




I just love your blog.

The Breaking Bad stuff is amazing. How cool! I need to visit L.A. soon!!! Simply for the red velvet waffles alone. OMG Heaven!

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