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September 02, 2012


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I concur that In-N-Out's reputation seems a little inflated based on my single sampling (Long Beach, 2010). Five Guys is exceptional and since our move conveniently located. My one Five Guys gripe is that they give you far too many fries. I'M ALREADY FAT GUYS, LAY OFF ME.


Yeah, we felt the same way, K! For one of the first times in my life, I didn't finish my (really good) fries.

Gary Eddington

Proud to have spawned a girl who could write:

•The cloying strings/synths that begin the song seem to sigh "aww Sheryl" in an obsequious way that seems old-timey to me.

Of course I knew what all that meant. (After I Googled two of the words.)

Whole thing is interesting, educational, and entertaining. Keep up the good work!


Love you Dad!

Kristi Jensen

Well, crap. I've been lurking for ages and should have introduced myself a long time ago, as this whole post happened within a mile radius of my house. The pic of the palm trees was at Centinela and Culver, I think - about 4 blocks away. Looking forward to the rest of the LA posts!

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