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June 27, 2012


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Gary Eddington

Read this and hung on every word. The building has been big in all the Gary & Jackie Eddington history. Jackie will never forget fainting in second grade and waking up and finding she was gazing up the dress of a rather large second grade teacher who exclaimed, "you scared me TO DEATH," and I'll never forget a tyrannical 5th grade teacher trapping my classmate Roger at about the chest level in a window, and proceeding to paddle him ON THE BACK as he flailed away. I became a serious student on that day. No microwave could ever reach the temperatures that non air conditioned hothouse generated in late August. Nothing about the building caused it to contribute to one's education, but I have no doubt I learned more there than in any other place. Especially from Mrs. Nelson (5th grade teacher) Thanks for the article. It was terrific.


Aww! You're welcome, Dad, and thanks for commenting! I think if anyone gets to push the button on the detonator (or whatever they're going to do to the school), it should be you. :)


Aw, this is wonderful. It looks just like old Oregon High School except with a better yard. I hope they use an old-timey TNT plunger like in a Roadrunner cartoon.

Lori Siegworth Smith

Really enjoyed reading this and am amazed at your detailed memories! One thing I missed though was about my Mom being always there with a smile on her face willing to help ANYONE ! Would like her to have front row seat for the detonation but am afraid it would break her heart, as mine is breaking just thinking about it coming down. Such a big part of our lives with many wonderful memories!!! Thanks for writing this and sharing !


YES. Mrs. Seigworth is a *legend* at the school and beloved by all. She was always so caring and sweet, and she was an excellent buffer for whichever principal she was dealing with! What a school. It was like it had been cast for a movie.

Holly (Palmer) Willdrick

Thank you so much for sharing Kelly. You have a wonderful memory! One of my memories from that third floor hallway is one with your Dad. He had pulled a group of kids and we would play golf (which I am still not any good at) after lunch in the hallway. I am not sure how or why he picked me but am thankful he did. I think he had a name for it but my memory doesn't seem to be as good as yours...maybe you can help with that. It was one of the best memories I have in that old building.


Love this! You have so many clear memories. Those photos are heartbreaking but great. My grade school was demolished a few years ago even though it WAS architecturally notable (http://www.oregonlive.com/portland/index.ssf/2009/07/riverdale_grade_school_comes_d.html). I'm still sad and refuse to drive by the monstrosity that took its place.


So much fun to walk down memory lane with you, Kelly! I am intrigued though... Why did they have the 4th & 5th graders off in another school and have the primary students in the same building with the middle school students?

Jerod Walker

Kelly, I remember you teaching some after school art classes as part of an enrichment program? I was in elementary school, so I'm thinking 1986, maybe? You were in high school, and taught us how to draw basset hounds like you did for your comic strips! I remember you teaching us at a table in the back corner of the study hall -- almost right under those racing stripes!

Jerod Walker

Just remembered that the Basset Hound comics ran in the Quill, right? One week featured comics from all of us students. Wonder if there's anyway to find that... Is the Quill on microfiche? ;-)


What a detailed view of memories you presented! This reminds everyone of his/her childhood.love it

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