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May 02, 2012


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Gary Eddington

This would have been The Golden Years for the Courier, so much talent, so many ways!

Anne Downes

Clue Rules! Seriously, I thought yours and Lars' Clue leadership were the best.


I hear you. I was the design editor of the literary and arts journal at Wheaton for a couple years and that experience was way more valuable than any class time I had. We may have been in a closet sized office in the back of the Beamer Center and if anyone ran across us they thought we were the socialist club (heh) but I couldn't tell you how many times I'd run into some red tape in administration and they'd go "Oh, you are Hilary" and suddenly my problems went away. Someone was noticing. My current employer certainly did. If you want to get started in your career you just get started. Simple as that. Surprising how positions like that are often there for the taking.

I used to go recruiting in design classes trying to find students to work into the program and groom for when I left -- no one would do it! They could have real world experience with layout, printers, 20k budget, creative freedom, and none of these design students would volunteer! When were they planning on starting their careers I don't know. If you are a kid with any kind of opportunity like that take and and sort out the details and inevitable lack of sleep later.


I approve of the Kyle MacLachlan illustration. No Audrey Horne? I've had a crush on him since I watched Dune when I was, um, way too young. Just watched Twin Peaks this year though. He was so pretty. You should check out Portlandia. He's still got it.


My office was the second air conditioner on the right. There was a poster of "Silence of the Lambs" hanging over the love seat stationed next to my desk. I wore wire-framed glasses with round lenses and acid wash jeans. When "Epic" by Faith No More played on the radio on production nights, I cranked the volume until the speakers crackled in protest. I was lucky I never cut myself with an Exacto knife, but I did somehow manage to briefly dislocate my patella while climbing a ladder to retrieve a ball of wax stashed over the florescent lights by some prankster in production. The Courier coffee was terrible, but I drank a lot of it. I had an advisor from whom I learned a lot and whose company I enjoyed immensely. I made some friends whom I consider family to this day. So yeah, it was a wonderful thing to be the Editor-In-Chief of the Courier circa 1991 or whatever.


Did I say second air conditioner on the right? I meant left.

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