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May 23, 2012


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Oh, the ending Hypatia note is SO cute. I'm glad everything was fine with your colposcopy. That word is unpleasant beyond reason! Just like its namesake.


Wookiee. With two Es. This has been your Star Wars Fact of the Day.



Thanks, Caroline! It was hate at first hear when the word "colposcopy" entered my life. I think it's the "pos."

I stand corrected, T.

Mark D.

"A bit warped and dated" is a good description of me.

Arena Shawn

I was reading your blog following time sequence -- and I saw the photo of this year's IWS show in which you showed your beautiful work -- glass gems III -- and my work was in that same picture! What a coincident! (It was the rose painting framed in black on the upper left side wall, a tiny quarter sheet.) I really wish I could be in the reception and meet you in person at this point... Alas, I guess there is always another chance...

Sorry I got so excited -- it's just such a coincidence. Our paintings met before we could. Haha.


Arena, that is amazing! I loved your painting--so, so gorgeous--and you won something that day too, right? You should be so proud of that because the juror said that when she has to sift through the hundreds of entries, she sees many many florals, for example, and they're all great, but she can't just put in all of them. She wants to create a balanced show, so botanical paintings are kind of at a disadvantage due to this competition within a competition, if that makes sense. So if yours got in, and it won an award, it's SUPER special in her eyes. GREAT JOB!

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