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April 20, 2012


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Do yourself a giant favor and get on YouTube and search for "Supersizers Eat the French Revolution" if you haven't seen it already -- it will bring all this Versailles stuff to life, including Marie Antoinette's little model village. (And make the really beautiful food you ate look even better by comparison.)

Angie M.

I have been following your blog ever since Emily mentioned your paintings in one of her vlogs. I loved your artwork and that prompted me to subscribe to your blog. Ever so quietly, I read your posts via RSS feed and smile, laugh out loud, admire your artwork, marvel at your superb writing, applaud your cooking creations, try my hand at a few recipes (whichever is appropriate), then silently go on about my day nary a word or comment but always thoroughly entertained. After reading your Paris series, I had to leave a comment and tell you how much I enjoyed it. I have never been to Paris, or Europe for that matter, but from Dali's eroticism a la architecture to the extraordinary pieces at the Louvre, from a quick jaunt passed sex shops and a thorough commanding of French cuisine, I felt like I had walked the streets of Paris with you in search of my next piece of chocolate heaven. You write so beautifully and your storytelling, along with your humor and wit, is magnifique. If you ever write a book (and I hope you do) know that I will be one of the first in line to buy it. Thank you for writing about your trip. I know it took a great deal of time and effort not only writing the posts themselves and getting all your photos organized, but gathering helpful information and making things easy for your readers by linking back to previous entires (which you do in every blog post and which is very much appreciated). I'm glad you had a wonderful time, and thank for sharing your experience with us.


Thanks for the tip, Caroline. I'll check that out! <3

And Angie M., thank you for saying that. I was feeling a little sad after finishing these Paris posts, which were indeed a lot of work, wondering "who am I even writing these for other than me?" A fair number of people have been reading these posts, or at least they've glanced at the top photo and moved on, but the vast majority say nothing. I woke up this morning and read your comment, and it made me feel so good. THANK YOU and thanks for reading. :)


Kelly, those were beautiful photos of my most favorite place (Versailles). After living in Paris, we moved out to the suburbs to village called Garches, and it was about a 10 min drive to Versailles. We would go there quite often, and roam the gardens. Such a gorgeous place with so much history, you can almost feel the presence of souls past.

Back in 1993 when I first visitws Paris, the Shakespeare and Company book shop, had a different sign that read Paris, Berkeley and London I believe. Every time I drive by the Shakespeare book shop in Berkeley, I think about this shop in Paris. I loved the old sign, it is too bad it isn't the same.


I read the first 3 posts and was thrilled when you posted 4 more! You did an outstanding job illustrating your trip and can't wait for Jeff's travel tips! Magnifique!


It has been such a treat to read about your trip to Paris. Loved every installment.


Toute simplement merveilleux! Your post was stunning! I wanted to take the trek, if only for the dessert. How did you refrain from licking the plates? Those cinnamon/caramel brushstrokes may have meant to be devoured. Being an adult in situations like that can be difficult.
I loved the shots of the locks on the bridge - i'd watched a movie on a flight a few years back that included shots of these in Italy. The couple is supposed to fasten the lock and throw away the key so that their love is locked together forever.

Celestial Dung

Hi ya.

Long time reader first time poster lady you is cool. I've enjoyed reading about your trips, your art, and your recipes for ages now. I work for a be it forever unnamed call center and during breaks you cheer me up quite a bit. I've even stolen a few of the recipes you've posted. The crowd in the breakroom thinks I'm a culinary genius thanks to you.

Anyway thanks for telling us about your trip to Paris. your observation skills is the constant in your writing, photography, and painting.

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