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April 17, 2012


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Jeff Carroll

One small edit. I knew about the Academy of Beer before our trip. It was one of the "places in the 5th to eat."


I actually walked all the steps to Sacre Couer. Of course, I did it first thing in the morning or else I don't think I'd have made it! The picture of the mussels looks like your next painting.

Mark D

...or the photo of the wine, beer & mustard!


Unsurprisingly I think about Akhenaten often too, and Netflix's insane array of Egypt documentaries has helped/not helped.

Moving art-credentialed buildings aside, it's going to be hard to beat the Nimble Bunny, y'all. Sacred Heart? NIMBLE BUNNY.


Here is an interesting story. While I was living in Paris there was an interesting article I read in the International Herald Tribune. It was about how, for a good chunk of time, France lost its luster with baking the baguette. They had lost the old world ways of baking them, and they were becoming tasteless etc. In came in (gasp) an American, to reset things and get the bakers of Paris to go back to the old world ways of making their most beloved staple. Seems to have worked, since I don't think I ever ate one that was not good.

I really wish I could find that article it was very interesting. While living there, I loved Poilane bread the most. I can find it in one grocery store in San Francisco, and it brings back great food memories.

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