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April 16, 2012


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Even though it was a chain, i'd read opinions that claimed Leon De Bruxelles had excellent Belgian fries. Good fries, yes, but Belgian fries, double-cooked in duck fat? No, these were not it.


RELEVANT: My friend Emily lives in Brussels and here is her instructional post How to Make Traditional Belgian Fries


I am absolutely loving to read about your trip - I've been to Paris twice, so it is bringing back wonderful memories. We always travel with just carry-on too(even a 7-day cruise!). Thanks again for sharing!


We also window shopped down St. Germaine. We passed Cafe de Flore and thought about doing their hot chocolate and pretending to be Satre and de Beauvoir, but we were loaded on sweets.

Mark D.

Why bother with Sartre and de Beauvoir when you had Clooney (G) and Taylor (E)?

Heather :)

I had to know what the description read for that beautiful macaron...with help of google translate :)

Biscuit macaron with rose petal cream roses, raspberries, lychees. Subtle blend of rose cream, soft and sweet, and floral notes of litchi. By extension, by contrast raspberry acidity and power, all in a crispy shell and soft macaroon. One of the most enchanting creations of Pierre Hermé, a permanent balance between heady and tangy.

It is my dream one day to go Europe!


Ahh April in Paris! I had the good fortune to live in that fine city for two years, and I clearly remember one afternoon in April, sitting in a corner cafe sipping coffee and a snacking on a pastry, thinking about the song April in Paris, and how yes indeed it was a beautiful time to be in this beautiful city.

Your pictures make me so homesick for all of it. I must admit, the Angelina chocolate was a bit much form me, and I love chocolate. I don't think I would thin it out though, that would be gross.

Love all your pictures!! I really wished that I had a blog when I lived there, because I have so many great stories about Paris!


Belgian fries! I am a parisian and my favorite burger place is held by belgians, who sell "the only real belgian fries in paris". I wish you'd asked, I could have told you about them! (Well, maybe you don't wish you had. Macarons are more the typical idea of yummy french food than burgers and fries, right? ;) ) I'm enjoying seeing paris through your photos, despite living here! :D

Also that (quite snooty ;) ) description reads:

Rose flavored macaron cookie, rose petal cream filling, whole raspberries, litchee. Subtil alliance between the rose cream, soft and suave, and the floral notes of the lytchee. Following that, the raspberry is a contrast owing to its acidity and power (lol), the whole thing wrapped in the moist and crunchy envelope of the macaron. One of the most spellbinding creations by Pierre Herme, a permanent balance between the tangy and the heady.

XDD Reads like one of those fancy wine descriptions ;) Sorry if some of the english is weird, it's hard to translate some of that wording!


Elodie, thank you so much for writing! Your translation is *so funny.* Oh those powerful raspberries. :D I really should have told my readers that this trip was happening and that we are always looking for Belgian fries. I don't know if I should tell Jeff about this or not! I must admit that I'm curious about them and it would have been nice to come across them in Paris. We're most likely going to Brussels the next time we visit Europe, probably in a year or so, and then I can try the real thing.

Thanks also to Mark, Heather, Caroline, Donna, and Elizabeth. And Jeff, obvsly.

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