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April 30, 2012


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Jeff's hair is the best color. #missingthepoint But it is.

Bun and the neighborhood cat look like some Alice in Wonderland mirror moment, I love it!!

Wednesday Addams

I definitely want to hear how Jeff planned the trip. I haven't been to Paris in 18 years and I'm itching to go again after reading your Paris journal so travel advice is helpful. I even checked out the link to your little apartment!

From one worrier to another, try not to stress too much about the colposcopy. The procedure is no big deal, although I'm guessing it's the results that worry you. I've been through it, and even when the results aren't what you hoped for, most things are very treatable and curable. Besides, I can tell just from reading your blog that you have a great support system from your friends, family, Jeff and kitties!


I just went thru that procedure and an endoscopy within the last couple of weeks, and you will do fine. its normal to have the jitters! once you get thru the prepping, you are home free! lol yessss i would love to hear from Jeff about the Paris planning! have never gone ... Bun you were great on defending the ole territory my friend lol! by the way, that bread pudding looks amazing!! comfort food definitely adds to the whole support system ... here for you Kelly!

jerry eddington

Sure, I'd like to know about the planning for the trip! Might want to go myself someday.


Please post how you planned your trip! I am always at a loss for finding great, amazing things to do when I travel and always feel like I miss out when I come home :( Thank you for sharing your vacay with us!


I like Jeff, but I don't think he's cute. Sorry, just not my type. I'd like to hear what he has to say, especially on the topic of how to stay healthy while traveling abroad.


Yes, Jeff! Write us a post! Dooo iiiiittttt!!!!!!!!


Puhleez Jeff! I NEED all the help I can get. I'm on the planning part of my July Paris trip and hardly know any French. Already so confused.

Meg Z

As a traveler, I would love a post on how Jeff saved money on your trip!


Yes Jeff is adorable! :) I'd love to hear the deets!

Jeff Carroll

Wow. Thank you. I'm humbled, and I'll do what I can. We're both on a road trip to the Illinois Watercolor Society's national show this weekend, so K and I will begin planning the post.

Jeff Carroll


If you haven't already, I would suggest this book:

Rick is well organized with his suggestions for tours, and often has excellent tips to save time. Don't trust him on food, though.

We buy his books for the Kindle app on our iPhone so we always have his information with us while we're walking.

Most people you interact with in museums and in restaurants will likely speak some English, but absolutely say "bonjour" whenever you walk into a restaurant, and "merci" when you are given items. Rick will recommend saying "bonjour Madame/Monsieur", but I hear that mostly in stores now. If you have an iPhone, grab the SpeakEasy French app.
Other phrases that are good to know:
Au revoir. (oh ruh-VWAHR)
Excuse me.
Pardon. (pahr-DOHN); Excusez-moi. (ehk-SKEW-zay MWAH)
Do you speak English?
Parlez-vous anglais ? (par-lay VOO zahng-LEH?)
(I am) Sorry.
(Je suis) Désolé(e). ("zhuh swee DAY-zoh-LAY)
I don't understand.
Je ne comprends pas. (zhuh nuh KOHM-prahn pah)
Where is the toilet?
Où sont les toilettes ? (OOH sohn leh twah-LET?)
un/une (uhn)/(uun)
deux (deu)
trois (trwah)
One ticket to _____, please.
Un billet pour _____, s'il vous plaît. (ung bee-YEH poor ____ seel voo pleh)
Where is _____?
Où se trouve _____? (oo suh tr-OO-v _____)
I would like _____.
Je voudrais _____. (zhuh voo-DREH _____)
Do you accept credit cards?
Acceptez-vous les cartes de credit ? (ahk-sep-tay VOO leh kahrt duh kray-DEE?)
a carafe of water (we drink water everywhere)
"une carafe d'eau" (OON cahr-AHF doh)
I'm finished.
J'ai fini. (zhay fee-NEE)
It was delicious.
C'était délicieux. (say-tay deli-SYUH)
The check, please. (or you can mime a "writing a check" motion when you get a waiter's/waitress' attention.)
L'addition s'il vous plait. (lah-dee-SYOHN seel voo play)

With those, you'll be showing respect for the language and culture, and that will help for everything else that you won't know. :)


Please tell us how you planned the trip! I really want to go back to France, Paris specifically, and you found the most lovely things to do (and eat!)

I need to spend more time in the D'Orsay and at the Tuilleries to soak up the beauty!!!


I would love to hear from Jeff! I am not so great at travel planning...tips, man, I need tips!


It doesn't sound like you need much more persuasion, but it'd be great to read how you planned the trip, Jeff!
I really loved reading the Paris recap, it's so fun to see your gorgeous pictures too.
Also BUN;;;


I'd love to hear about his trip planning!


Your blog makes me happy, without fail! Good luck with the colposcopy ... as others have already said, everything will be okay. Eventually. I don't know, really. Your readers will support you no matter what!

Please make Jeff write a post. Thanks!


Yes please Jeff we would love to hear from you!! :D

Mary Ann

Crawling out for my first comment... awesome Paris blog series!! Yes, would love to hear from Jeff. Also, I know that you did a how to pack lite post some time ago but I must admit that I want to know more. How can you travel with so little. I am jealous and want to be like you.

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