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February 19, 2012


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Do we have the same feet? I wear an 11, narrow heels and wide fronts. I can't wear anything without a strap or laces, so no pumps or ballet flats or that type of thing, because my heel will come out/I will get blisters.

Even if you don't have those other qualities, your large duck feet make my large duck feet feel less alone! And yes, I do think those shoes' austerity makes them elegant and understated.


Caroline, I normally wear a 10, so they're huge enough. Don't you hate going shoe shopping and passing by the size 6, 7, 8 shoes and thinking, "Hmm, I like that one! I wonder if they have it in my size?" But you know full well that once you get to the size 10 & 11 *ghetto* in the corner of the store, all you'll see is flat, ugly boats and possible drag queen options?

I was blown away when shoe store guy Joel said that in S.A.S. I was a 9.5 wide, not a 10 medium. 9.5! That's kind of a single digit size! He buckled the strap as tightly as it would go--no slippage. It was a revelation unto me.


I think that they are cute. I like mary janes!


You are so funny! Jeff is a keeper!

Wednesday Addams

I, too, have duck feet. Well, to be more accurate, I have Fred Flintstone feet. They're flat, super wide and huge. At least you're rather tall to go with your big feet. I hadn't heard of S.A.S. shoes, so thanks for the tip! I am now in search of them! I think the pair you picked out are quite cute!


Cute shoes. I think floral dresses and Mary Janes are "in" for Spring? (I'd check just to be sure with this beauty blogger I've heard of called emilynoel83 ;-)

Paris is lovely albeit a bit chilly in Spring. Have fun!

Mark D.

Those shoes will be Just Fine in Paris.

Jenn Schaefer

Those shoes are way cuter than I would have imagined from the examples in the photos above. Have fun in Paris. Jealous!

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