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January 25, 2012


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Some of my best friends and relatives have met their partners on Match.com. Sure, it's not the way our parents did it. But why is change such a bad thing?

You and Jeff seem perfect for each other.

Bess Bartley

Awesome cookies! I met my fiance on match.com and we are getting married 01/12/2013. He was the first and only guy I met on there!


So far all of my PW recipes been winners too.

Who cares how you met Jeff??? Glad you're happy and Happy Birthday!


Hi Kelly, I found your blog through your adorable-yet-amazingly-grounded sister Emily and have been semi-lurking here for a while. I feel like we could be friends: we both have tabbies, are around the same age, live in IL and have the same black & white, "newspaper" coloring. BUT you are a better and more experienced cook than I, which leads to my question: if you were to recommend ONE and only ONE cookbook for a food newbie, for someone who has a child (age 10) with a not particularly adventurous palette, WHAT WOULD IT BE? I will put a great deal of faith in your answer. Thanks so much!


Sorry it's taken me a couple of days to get back to you, Lisa. Also I just wrote a lengthy comment and TypePad ate it. In a nutshell: you need to buy The New Best Recipe by Cook's Illustrated. They test test test classic dishes until they come up with the ultimate recipe for each, and it's stuff like macaroni and cheese and pot roast. Things most people would want to know how to make and make well. HUGE book at around 1000 pages! No food porn photos, just educational recipes. You can also test drive their magazines--I think they come out quarterly--some of my favorite recipes such as apple dumplings came from those. Enjoy!


Hey Kelly!

I just made oatmeal crispies and I LOVE them! Omg! I can't believe I finally succeeded in making oatmeal cookies :) Thanks!


Don't knock it.. I met my late husband online too.. but it was way in 1997 in a chatroom... We were married for almost 10 years until he passed away to cancer.. :)

Anyway, your paintings and recipes looks very tempting.. I'll try it one day.. I'll put this on pinterest.. so I can look at it when I do it.. :)

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