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January 12, 2012


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Pizza is not a pie. Calzone is. Mind blown.


Inside joke interlude: Order a McD's fried pie, open box, consume contents. Carefully re-close box. Return to the counter, complain loudly "There's no PIE in here!" Throw empty box down in front of McD's employee, sustain accusatory eye contact as the box makes a very damning hollow sound.


CPP may be my hubby's favorite food of this year. Will have to try this recipe.

Pie to me is what my mother makes. Homemade crusts, fruit and other sweet fillings, lovely folded or laced tops and that divine aroma throughout the kitchen. Monogramming sounds like a nice touch.


Hello. I have been reading your blog for over a year now. i really enjoy the recipes that you share on your blog. Anyway i finally got the courage to write you a comment..and ask..Is bun Female or male? Also on the crazy cake...the recipe says to make three wholes..do you make those to the batter then add the ingredients to the three wholes and then mix again?


I read your "crazy cake" recipe and, today, it will be a toss up between that and Nigella's easy "puddingy" brownies.

However, in that post, I was saddened to read that you were thought an "old maid" at the sweet young age of 25. I get it. I have "country" relatives all whom married either right out of high school or while still in college. I also have Mormon friends now all of whom married very young as well . . . but that is another cultural demographic entirely!

So sorry you went through that. So glad that it was just a path to develop your gifts as a painter and, ultimately, to Jeff.


Love the "Just Shoot Me" reference. It's almost as good as Bun's face. Who's a stern kitty?!?

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