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December 13, 2011


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AAHHHH I love everything in this list and just silent-lol'd until I cried a little at my desk. BLESS BUN.


Always fun to see a post on beloved Bun!! Bun rules!!

Dawn S.

Kelly - Love this post although it makes me sad this week... We had to put our beloved cat Boris to sleep a few days ago. Boris was almost 16 years old and was very Bunlike. He looked so much like her (except that he did have a tail) that my kids once saw a photo of Bun and thought it was Boris. Seeing the photo of Jeff holding Bun like a baby makes my heart ache. I'm so glad that Bun is doing well after her health mega-crisis and that you found each other.


i adopted a kitten two months ago.My bf has never had a pet before or has ever been interested in having one. But the oddest thing happen. The kitten loves my bf more than me. The kitten cant get enough of my bf.


Thanks for the comments, all! Very sorry for your loss, Dawn. That is so sad. I know I'm going to be an absolute basket case when Bun dies. :(

Adie Andrews

Your cat is so lovely absolutely fluffy beauty. Also from the pictures below I should say that the bear photo is great.

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