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December 05, 2011


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This is the most adorable story ever. I really wish I had a sister! Your sister Emily rocks and I love the painting you did for her!

Tammy Shiver

This Is A Very Sweet Story, I Followed your Sister For Years And Have Learned A lot About Makeup! I Have Followed You For A While Now Also Your Cooking Tips,And Wonderful Painting,If Only All Sisters Were As Close As Y'all Are!


You two are so inspiring. I love seeing you towo together in Em's World videos.

Lucrecia Hudson

You guys are both AWESOME!! Your parents must be really proud :)

Judy (Jujubeoh)

Thank you for this. I've always wondered where the nicknames came from. I've also always admired the beautiful relationship you and "Poof" share. It's obvious you two are much more than siblings and your connection is something to be treasured. Thanks to the two of you for sharing your bond with us.


Oh my gosh, I got teary-eyed.
I loved all the pictures you posted as well!
You are an amazing sister :)
I don't have a sister, just two brothers,
so both of you are very blessed to have
each other :)


You guys are the definition of family, for sure.
Love following both of you. <3
Two great sisters, two great women. :)


That is one of my favorite scenes in that movie...so touching. But I laugh hysterically at the thought of Poof and Pup running towards each other and I don't even know you!


This is such a sweet story! You and Emily are truly blessed to have each other..you're both so lovely in your own respect, and I always enjoy seeing the two of you together. Your love for each other is so genuine and just awesome to see. The pictures you posted throughout this are adorable..wonderful post, as usual!


My brothers were 12 and 10 when I was born. My oldest and I really bonded like you and Poof. I called my bro Bubby and he called me Seester (sister). I miss him terribly - he passed away 2 1/2 years ago from cancer.


Thanks so much for all the heartfelt replies, everybody! Poof's lucky to have such sweet fans. :)


I have a sister 10 years older than me. She toted me around so much, several people thought I was actually her daughter. I also have a sister 10 years younger than me. I did the same thing with her. I can completely understand a relationship like this. I've been lucky enough to experience both sides. :)

Mommy Reporter

What a cute story! You both are very blessed to have each other! 15 year age difference??? Wow, I would have never of guessed...

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