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October 31, 2011


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Your zombie mouth came out great!


The photos of "Madonna and child" are so epicly overstuffed with awesome, I can't even put it into words.


Thanks, you two! I swear, those Bun pictures kill me every damned time I look at them.


Bun appeared to be quite the zombie Kitty. The cast and costumes were scarily perfect.

Delany Martinez

I snorked so hard kool aid came out of my nose. You, your husband and your cat are all awesome.

Matt Crowley

Outstanding! I'm slightly embarrassed that I didn't see the Liz Taylor connection before, but now I see it and it's very good. Jesus cat with halo for the win!

Missy Kerrigan

You and your husband are so delightfully creative and kooky. Thanks for sharing the silliness! And you DO look so like Liz Taylor! Beautiful even with the rotting mouth. : )


OMG I can't stop coming back to this blog and looking at the cat! Bwahahaha it's the expressions on Jesus Cat's face ... and the claws LOL!!! PS so proud of you, you are an amazing artist - beautiful job xxBB!!


Albee, you inspired me beyond belief! Thank you thank you!

And I know what you mean about my cat. She is a supermodel and she hits it every time!


This is pure entertainment..and you look pretty stunning with blue eyes.


Fantastic makeup! Jeff makes a good shepherd and I love Bun's crazy expressions!

Renae  Hills

I couldn’t help but smile while reading your post! Oh my, your family is fun! And I didn’t know eyelash glue can be used for zombie makeup as well! But hey, does that mean you use false eyelashes as well? I couldn’t tell because your lashes look natural (maybe because they really are!). Anyway, my vote would go to the Madonna and Child for the best Halloween costume! They looked authentic! Haha!

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