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October 21, 2011


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Clients. They are something, aren't they? For me there is a honeymoon stage where I do my first design and everything is ok. It looks great even. They come back with some changes. Most of which makes it worse...but I'm still feeling it. I'm not Igor quite yet. Igor meaning I am assisting in something evil while muttering to myself. I always think I can get it finished with my feelings intact. Then the third round of revisions come in and suddenly you find yourself just doing what they want. Design experience? Not needed. At that point you are just moving pixels. I try to be emotionally absent before that happens but sometimes I just go dead inside and obsess about how I might have had a career curating old books instead.

Maybe they'll still use your logo eventually. The last stage is still good...though yeah, the eyes...have a distinct look to them. This former dog owner thinks something naughty just happened.

Kendra Holliday

THIS one right here:

What a winner!

Love its retro classy look and the Scottie! Scotties are so darn jaunty. Love their eyebrows and attitude!

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