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September 06, 2011


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Jeff carroll

My running commentary while reading:

You didn't mention that I'm a trunk-packing mother @&$)#%.

The Yellow Jacket is an actual superhero. He was Giant Man, then Ant Man, then he went crazy, then he became Yellow Jacket. Then he died. Then he came back. Comic books really are soap operas for boys.

Cars are Farraday cages, I think. Need to look that up.

Great write-up. I should put my running commentary in the comments.

Kendra Holliday

Beautiful gallery! Looks like a great show, love the Midwest mini-tour, too! Hope to see you next time you're in Missouri!


Terry is correct. WOW!


I was full of observations and comments until that photo of Bun totally shortcircuited my brain. So cute, can't process.

Your show looks lovely, and congratulations on it and the sales!


Thanks, Kendra and Melody!

Caroline, Bun is honored to have shortcircuited a brain as formidable as yours.


Congrats on this one woman art show! I honestly can't think of anyone that deserves it more, Kelly. You are so talented and now more people can find out about you and your lovely art. Jeff is the super hero, I think! So glad you have him and so glad to hear that cute Bun is doing so well now.


well hi!

i so enjoyed all your illustrative links, especially "concern" and "i'm sorry". also, i totally saw the artwork spelling out SEX before i even read your comment. very clear.

congrats on a successful show and bun (she'll always be owl to me)'s continuing good health!

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