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June 20, 2011


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This... was awesome. To explain: I read it last night, craved it all day, and then decided I'd just cave and make it for dinner, and it did not disappoint!

Not too rich, like the all-mayo version my parents are so fond of, and wonderfully crunchy from the celery/scallions... yum yum!


Hey, glad you liked it! I tried making it again today with popcorn shrimp (all that was available; tip: do not go grocery shopping on a Sunday night). Not as good as big shrimp but still more than edible. :)


Yeah, it's definitely one of those super tweakable type recipes; I used honey flavored Chobani (simply b/c I had it at home already and wasn't driving 5 minutes out of my way for one container and it actually came out pretty awesome with the whole honey-lemon thing that happens...oh, and potato hot dog buns!!! They are by far the best to use for...anything.

Thanks for passng it on!!


Hi Kelly! Have you tried making the chips on a mandoline slicer? Very handy, but VERY SHARP kitchen gadget...


Every time we want to slice something super thin like that, Jeff and I always say, "This would be so much easier if we had a mandoline," and then we never actually purchase a mandoline. :l

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