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June 09, 2011


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Gary Eddington

This is your Mom talking: "Strange to see this today, Kelly, cause I just made that cake today. I thought about you and Jeff and that maybe I'd bring you a few cupcakes, then thought better of it. Knowing what gourmets you were, I'm thinking it wouldn't be good enough. I know you have special chocolates, oils, and everything else that you use, but it was good to see that you had also made it, too! Hope you enjoy it. Look forward to seeing you Saturday."

Yer Mom Typed by Yer Dad


Aww! Thanks Mom, via Dad! Jeff and I have been eating this cake a lot lately. While I like to go into the kitchen and labor over a cake, it's nice to have a recipe like this ready to go at all times, especially in the summer.


I'd have to get out the recipe to be sure, but this looks just like one of my family's recipes, except we call it soggy devil's food cake. And it is my favorite. cake. ever. But with vanilla buttercream frosting. Always gets rave reviews.


Some people in IL also call it "wacky cake." Vanilla frosting would be awesome with this, absolutely.

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