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May 12, 2011


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I'm SO glad you're painting for them again! Your Achtoon's are the best part of that site, and it's how I discovered your blog and other work in the first place. :) I LOVE your painting of Bono especially. It's (and he is) gorgeous!


a-HA! back in the saddle again (i enjoy your subject line). if i had to guess, i'd say bono was from Q, larry and edge were from concert shots and adam is from a paparazzi photo. am i close?

great toon as usual, kelly!


So glad to have you back! I actually cheered out loud when I saw the post on atU2's homepage.


Hooray!!! I'm so glad you CAN'T quit U2!


Great, great GREAT artwork. i saw this posted on Atu2 also. keep it up!


Great artwork! like napoleon said, you got them warts and all. . .
And they are still handsome men.
Can we download and use these images for free or do we need your permission?
Any royalties to pay if we use them?


Thank you, everybody!

Stella, nothing's stopping you from downloading them, but I'd appreciate it if you didn't make 1000 posters and coffee mugs to sell at their next concert or whatever. I'm looking into doing a CafePress thing with some of my better Achtoon paintings. I'll let you know when that happens if you like. :)

Katryn Conlin

I would love a Cafe Press or similar book of your U2 paintings - I am a big fan. Please keep me in the loop if you do.

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