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May 23, 2011


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This is a great use for one of the at least ten tiny scalloped-edge Pyrex bowls I have that look exactly like yours! Now I just need to find some backed-up cats.


your corncakes reminded me of this vlogger i recently stumbled upon, with whom you may already be familiar: my drunk kitchen. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vLYxeJjxc8s

i was reminded of no cutesy links by part 2 (see what i did there?) of your post. but i am glad to read that everything came out ok in the end. (what is wrong with me)


I love the noting of Marge Simpson- "disapproval sounds"...(poor bun)...
I knew I was officially a mom when Grace as 4 and Sam, 1, when I noticed one day when I went to arch and squirm for the 100th time to get something off the floor that my offspring carelessly threw from the table etc...I was making the Marge Simpson grumble...noise...disapproval sound. This cracked me up - but also scared me. What had happened to me? I was after all only 27 and not blue headed. Since then I only make that noise on horribly stressful days when cleaning...or trying to find something under my bed.


Oh Kelly, we make essentially the same recipe and call them, 'hoe cakes'. I love them. TA

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