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April 08, 2011


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Jay Rogers

I'm honored to be included in your blog!
I had a Gibson SG just like the one The Edge is holding in your U2 painting. I played it in garage bands in high school and, after breaking my hand in PE class during the last week of HS, I couldn't play at all so I changed my major to voice and sold it. It pretty much payed for my sophomore year of college.


Your talent just blows me away!


this just broke my heart a little. in several ways. which you could probably imagine. anyway... amazing. just amazing.


I like the green yarn the best!

Being a master at Spot the Differences (of restaurant place mat fame) I saw you had switched some VHS titles before I read your explanation. *pats self on back* I was picturing something more scandalous than a Rodeo Bloopers VHS though (come to think of it, isn't rodeo in general a running blooper?). Should I ever be in a similar situation I hope people will remove my DVD of Pretty in Pink from the records. I'd rather it be Some Kind of Wonderful. There is a distinction.


That is awesome. Everything looks so realistic, especially his hand on the guitar.


I had much the same response to this post as stateless. I found myself strangely moved by your words and images (strange since I didn't know Dale personally). Thanks for sharing, as always.


Big thanks to all. Stateless and Shannon, awwwwwwwwwwww. <3

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