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March 17, 2011


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Whenever I see an artistically gifted, tall, exotic-looking woman, I definitely think "common."

I . . . am fascinated by how the INSIDE of the candy looks so potatoish. The whole thing is really delightful.


Maybe she really meant eclectic? Otherwise there is a Princess Bride quote I will spare everyone from typing out. Thinking it will be enough. *ponders* There.

You didn't accidentally marry into the British royalty, did you? Then she'd have you there. Better check the book of bloodlines to be sure. One of my art profs in college was in that book and told a story of how people in the know would keep it in their car trunks and give it a look when they'd meet people to see who outranked who. They'd excuse themselves for a moment, consult the book, and then come back with the appropriate attitude whichever way it went. He had been cast out when he marred a commoner against his parents' wishes and it had taken 25 years to reconcile. Come to think of it, let's hope she meant just meant "eclectic" and leave it be.


Thanks, Caroline. They look even more like baked potatoes after they've been in the refrigerator for a while. It's uncanny. The one in the photo was still squishy, but I couldn't wait to blog about them.

Hil, Jeff's parents are what you might call "just plain folks"-- hard-working farm people. The fact that I'm not pretentious and come from a similar background made them accept me as one of their own. :)

Kendra Holliday

So cute! I have a vegan friend who makes potato candy that looks like pinwheels. They're made of potatoes, powdered sugar and peanut butter.

Gary Eddington

Damn, if I have a "common" daughter, that must make me a "commoner." And here I was, thinking I was royalty. Sure puts me in place. Thanks a bunch, Norma!

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