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February 08, 2011


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OH SNAP. Your explanation is wonderful of course.

Also, have I ever told you how much I'm really, really obsessed with Salvador Dali? What a weird, fascinating man with incredible vision. Who also seems to have been a total weirdo in real life! This total nutjob socialite!

He appears in a GREAT cameo in one of my favorite books, too: In Michael Chabon's Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, the title pair attend a party where they have to rescue Dali from a diving suit he is stuck and locked in.


"The connection you feel when eye contact is made will electrify you, especially if your hero's gaze is prolonged and seems to say, "You understand what I've been trying to do." And rarely, maybe a dozen times in your life if you are lucky, your hero will actually speak to you in a voice only you can hear, and what he or she tells you will bring tears to your eyes."

perfectly described. perfectly.

beautiful post, kelly.


i have so been enjoying your spain posts, but especially this one, with the comment about your dad at 10 years old. lovely.

here's something i just read and it so seemed like something you could have written: http://www.finnertyfinnerty.com/2011/02/how-artists-see/



Hi Kelly, I've been reading your blog for a long time now, and you always have amazing posts and a talented way of expressing yourself. This post has to be among my favorite, and I felt tears well in my eyes while reading it. The way that you describe art is something I feel akin to.

There definitely is that rock star glamor to famous works of art, where the moment I spot something I've admired my entire life, I am in awe in finally being able to stand before it, and then proceed to take pictures of it, or with it (I'm sure if the painting was able to autograph something, I would be an absolute fan girl over it). But it's not until I take it in full effect that I am overpowered by everything the painting has to say.

You explain it far better than I do, and I greatly appreciate it. I aspire to be able to express myself like you do, and I hope that one day I will have the opportunity to have incredible travel stories too.


Caroline, I wrote this for you. Great question--thank you for inspiring me.

Stateless & Shannon, also thank you! Shannon, I loved that diagram!

And Bridge, I'm so flattered. Writing this brought out an intense emotional reaction in me, and when I'm in a place like that I think I do my best writing. :)

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