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February 19, 2011


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Ha! You are a better person than me. I have no patience for "the White stuff". I will eat a little bit with the fudge and then, being American and stuff, throw the rest away without eating it once the fudge runs out. No fudge no dice. Fortunately I can usually cute my way into more fudge than what most people get. One time I almost had too much fudge. Probably marked that down in a journal somewhere.

You hear O-Town has a DQ now? Seems like everything happened after I left. Like getting a cute little coffee shop. Watch, when I leave Rockford a factory will open or a crime will drop or something. That's right. It's all about me.


That third picture is just filthy.


Funny. Reminds me of you writing about fun size Reeses and the peanut butter/chocolate ratio.


Hahahaa~~ I love posts like these! Good to know if in the near future I ever go to Dairy Queen


No fair. Now you're making me crave Dairy Queen, and while we have several within easy driving distance (one w/ an inside seating area like the one you describe), they don't open until Feb. 28!!!! Aaaaargh!!!!


I propose you get your sundae with no fudge, do "the drill" and then request they fill the hole with your fudge allotment. That way, you lose no fudge on the outer edge. Will they think you are psycho? Yes, probably.. but I imagine that the DQ employee has eaten enough sundaes to understand the method to your madness.

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