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January 08, 2011


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Absolutely decadent. And congratulations on the weight-loss.
I also request a post on food photography. Yours looks good enough to eat which is not always the case even on chef's blogs. PS What camera do you use? Thanks.

The Beautiful Kind

I just got freaked into chocolate heaven and that was just from looking at the pics!!

The Beautiful Kind

PS: I like how you can cuss now that you're not a teacher anymore but a full-blown artist.


BJ, my camera is nothing too spectacular. It's a Sony Cyber-shot that I've had for a couple of years. As far as my advice on photographing food goes, I'm a real novice, and most of the photos I take are done during the rush between out-of-the-oven and onto-the-table. I'm impatient to eat whatever it is, and I take maybe 10 shots, tops. I like to use the macro lens, but a lot of times I'll forget, like with this post. I try to find the part of the food that is the most beautiful or looks delicious, and sometimes I crouch down so my camera is level with the food instead of looking down on it. We've got some good natural light that comes from a skylight that's directly above that wooden table. The light can be bluish during the winter, so if the food's looking blue I'll correct the color levels with the photo editing program that's on my computer. I don't think my photos are all that special compared with the ones Joy the Baker takes, for example:
She's one hell of a photographer and an actual baker, too. Her pictures inspire me, and maybe she's influenced the way I work. But she has a much cooler camera, better plates and accessories, and a unique vision. I'm just trying to capture the food as fast as I can before I pop it into my mouth. :)

TBK, this cake is ridiculous. Just absolutely over the top and so damned good. LOOK AT ME CUSSING AGAIN OMG.

Elizabeth Mackey

That book is on my list to buy!
Wow, does that cake look divine! I see that Bun is liking it too :)

Oh, did you see that they have two cookbooks? I peeked at both of them at Barnes and Noble, and I think I have to order both from Amazon :)


Elizabeth, you're right, they do have two cookbooks out, but I haven't had a chance to look at the first one. I'm sure it's every bit as outrageous as this one. :)


Kelly, I do have joythebaker bookmarked but still, in my personal ranking, your food shots are better. Maybe, as I like your paintings, I also like your eye for food! ;-) I'll use some of the tips you suggest for photography. PS If you don't mind another question, what editing program do you use? Thanks.


True confessions: while I've been admiring the photography, I have avoided the details of this recipe so that I wouldn't be tempted into making it. Just broke that resolve and now it's a must-bake for my chocoholic hubby!


I use Windows Live Photo Gallery. :)

You know, if you only make one component of this recipe, make the pudding. It will knock your socks off.


OH MAN, that guy in that photo is totally holding a plate of WHOOPIE PIES, which are my favorite thing. You should make those next and report on your findings.


P.S. You should read this hilarious review of Four Hour Body:


It is appropriately frenetic for the kind of person T.F. seems to be.


Caroline, those whoopie pies (recipe yields 10-17, depending on size), require 4 sticks of butter and 3/4 cup of canola oil. I mean, it's a whole book of this. IT HAUNTS ME SO!

Jeff agrees w/ that reviewer's opinion of T.F.'s writing style. Apparently his blog is SO much better than the book, which could use an editor. :)


I belive the photo taken of the cake that is in the cookbook looks the way it does because it has been frozen. That's my guess because ice-cream cakes look like that when cut.

:) I bet it takes divine frozen....like a big fudgesicle!!!


oops...I meant TASTES like a fudgsicle!


Could be, Anna! Since we couldn't eat the entire cake, I froze what was leftover for our next splurge day. So I guess we'll see if you're right!


I got this book for Christmas and love it! I made this cake as well (before I got the book) and mine didn't look all that pretty either but it was so fun to make and so good! Love your post detailing the baking experience!


Thank you, Linda! I really want to get into one of their malted recipes next. Huge fan of malted milk. :)


That looks spectacular!! The cave-in could be due to the pan and/or improper oven temperature. As mentioned earlier the photo in the book is probably due to it being frozen also due to the type of chocolate that was used. They probably used darker chocolate and cocoa. Anyway, it doesn't matter what it looks like as long as it tasted good.


Thank you, Paul! Actually, the recipe said that the cake will deflate as it cools. So I expected that it would do that and was glad when it did because that left me plenty of room for the pudding. I used 60% chocolate throughout the recipe and a mixture of regular and Dutch cocoas.

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That looks spectacular!! The cave-in could be due to the pan and/or improper oven temperature. As mentioned earlier the photo in the book is probably due to it being frozen also due to the type of chocolate that was used.

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