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December 03, 2010


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Love this. Good for you! You are beautiful inside and out and deserve to do what you were born to do...Much love and support,


Dammit, Kelly! You've choked me the hell up. I'm so happy for you. Welcome to the life you were born to live.


Thanks to both Mels-es! You both mean so much to me.

Jay Rogers

Welcome home!


Hopefully the books will read "and then she entered the most productive period of her career" and when all is said and done. You might even find teaching moments that come up a lot more freeing too. When my dad changed careers it seemed like he still got to do a lot of the thing he liked without having all the bad things that comes with it being a job.


Perfect comment, Mr. Rogers. It's been quite a day. :)

Hil, you were always one of my favorites, and after you graduated I missed you so much that I had to find "The New Hil." Luckily a girl named Amanda stepped up and, while no one could truly replace you, she kind of became The New Hil, but sadly no one was been able to take your places. You and Amanda are basically sisters in my mind. http://www.amandameeks.com
/random nostalgia


The fact is, I took a lot of art classes and we talked quite a bit, and I never had any idea you had serious artistic interests and as much talent as you do. That alone makes this the most right and compelling decision you could be fortunate enough to get to make. Your description of the parallel talents and careers of you and your father is an idea I've never heard that makes me reflect with sadness on many of my most valued instructors.

Also, as much as I try to fight it, seeing that crumbling parking lot and lines of pickup trucks sparks some nostalgia. This must be because we had to walk through it to get from the band room to the football field.

The Beautiful Kind

Thank you for such personal posts. Congratulations on your decision to give birth to beauty every day. The world is better for it.


Good for you Kelly! You've made the right choice, life is too short to not spend it doing what you love - your Uncle Dale & Aunt Elaine would be proud!


Good for you! It encourages me to read about what you're doing. Someday I hope to make a living being an artist. Right now I'm just a college graduate with an art degree working in a gift shop part time. I'm also a stray U2 fan that wanders in here once in a while. :)


I really enjoyed our art classes also. Of course I drew during my other classes too *shh* but having a place to draw everyday where I wasn't considered too much of a weirdo for doing it was nice. You, Mr. Harrison, and Mr. Davis were the only people who made me feel like I wasn't wasting my time there. I should have come back for a visit, but things changed pretty fast there after I left I think. (http://youtu.be/WgLr6qlpec4) And the day I did try to visit your ceiling collapsed...message received cosmos. (http://youtu.be/ojydNb3Lrrs)


I am so happy that you get the chance to do what you enjoy in life. You are a very lucky person. Not everyone does what they truly enjoy in life. I like your honesty when u write about ur teaching experience.


I'm so happy for you, Kelly. Thank you for sharing this in such a touching post. I am having a similar struggle. After being layed off my job, I have felt guilty for not being able to bring in a portion of the home income, but at the same time feeling such a huge weight off my shoulders at not having to go to a job I realize I didn't like going to for years.


Thank you for sharing yet again your innermost thoughts and feelings. I wish you all the best in your new freedom to create, and I still intent to one day own an original Kelly Eddington!


But aren't you ever afraid you'll slowly become anti-social from so little human contact everyday?


What beautiful and downright humbling post. You, Kelly, get to do what so many only dream about-that is to live your life as you know it SHOULD be. I'm in awe of your decision (and damn it, it is the right one!!!).

Elizabeth Mackey

Two thumbs up for you decision Kelly. You shared your gift by teaching, now you can share it another way that is fulfilling to yourself. !! Bravo to you, and I look forward to seeing more of your paintings through your blog.
I followed you here from the U2 blog, because of your incredible talent, and I'm always amazed at how you take a medium, that I find very intimidating, to such controlled beauty.
You ROCK!!

Sunwolf Sunwolf

This is one of the most apt, provocative, and confirming essays on teaching that I've read [INSERT low bow of gratitude approximately HERE]. It's the end of my university's academic quarter, I'm grading finals. Your words confirm for me the sadness, bumps, bruises of teaching, even while acknowledging the delights. And yet, I'm a writer and bemoan the tiny corners left of my life in which to write. Painting with words, I expect.

Showers of iridescent confetti at your doorstep. {And head scratches for the feline beings.}

Dr. SunWolf, who occasionally twitters:


Good for you Kelly. Should you ever get the penchant for teaching, try an adjunct position at any nearby university/college. The schedules are very flexible. They would love to have you and your peers would be professional artists.

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