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December 31, 2010


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Hi Jeff!

I am a long time reader, first of Emily's and then Kelly's, blogs and I just wanted to say I really enjoyed your post! I recently watched It's a Wonderful Life for the first time (dont hate me, I'm only 23!) but I never thought about it the way you described, really intruiging. Keep blogging!


Great post!
This turkey looks just delicious!!!
I haven't seen It's wonderful life yet but i'm planning to do!
Happy new year!

The Beautiful Kind

Your token vegetarian commenting here: That turkey is horrorshow! The pics were glistening, raw and gory! It's cool of you to document the entire process. I kept thinking of other names for this turkey - The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Turkey, The John "Jack" McCall Turkey (no backbone) etc.
Love you guys!

Mark D.

That IS a slutty looking turkey, and in the best possible way. Cooks Illustrated rocks, and so do you. Happy New Year to you both!


Kafka/It's a Wonderful Life? That might be why that movie has always made me sick to my stomach instead of giving me warm fuzzies. It all goes back to Kafka exposure in my formative years. I made it through about 40 minutes this year (what a long movie) before retreating from the TV room. Between my running commentary and my grandma's constant questions of "is that his wife?" and "why is there a crow?" I'm surprised anyone was left in the room by the end. I wish Arsenic & Old Lace was a holiday movie.

That's very much how I'd imagine Dexter does his turkey. I'd still eat it. Bravo!


Hi Jeff. Long-time follower of your wife's blog. A question: Did you secure the turkey-back in anyway before roasting, i.e. with poultry string, etc.?
Never was much of a fan of IAWL. Much prefer White Christmas, or Christmas Vacation (the latter a holiday must see in our home).


Love the post Jeff, you guys ROCK!!!!


Enjoyed your post very much, Jeff. I am a fan of Kelly, Emily, Buffy, and Wonderful Life...seen it more than 25 times. Favorite scene is the dropping-the-phone one. I cannot disagree with your perspective at all, I just choose my own romantic, sweet, schmaltzy one. Write another post soon.

Jeff carroll

BJ, the only securing we did was tying the legs together. The legs are almost disconnected from the body by this method, so tying them together helps expose more of the leg meat surface to the heat.

Thanks everyone. I'll write about one of my obsessions with New York pizza, Paris baguettes, or the perfect hamburger soon.


Thanks Jeff. PS I vote for NY pizza and the perfect hamburger, in that order. ;-)

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