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December 26, 2010


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K, this is wonderful. A kiss-ass gift. Plus, I am in the EXACT SAME BOAT as you. My beloved, he is also enthralled with the Buffy. So I bought him the box set last Christmas, and I also inscribed a card, "I will watch Buffy with you, I love you that much."

I only lasted one season, but perhaps you will fair better.



You are a better person than me. I couldn't do that for anyone. In fact, not liking Joss is one of my better traits I like to think. Whatever you do, don't start to care for any of the characters. As soon as you care about any of them and they manage to find some kind of happiness they are killed or punished. Joss uses character abuse as a key element of his writing. Some people mistake it for feminism, but saying that over and over again doesn't change what is actually happening on the screen. Can you take up drinking at the same time? You'll need to find a happy place to go at least.


Just be glad it's not "Firefly." Because "Firefly" was infuriating. It made me want to bite a tree.


Additional thought: Finding out someone doesn't like Buffy is like finding out they are secretly left handed. And if you are left handed you know how awesome that feels.


Thank you very much for your support, everybody. I've watched 2 episodes this evening and don't feel like I can honestly judge the show yet, but so far:
Characters = pretty good. Vampire BS = not enchanted with.


SMG is one of the most consistently terrible actors I've ever seen play a main character. She's so awful it makes me not like the show. Also, after the first few seasons it starts to get reallyyyy even weirder and more convoluted.

Also, I can't disagree strongly enough with Melinda about Firefly, which I really believe is one of the best seasons of television ever made. I was going to suggest it as recommended Joss Whedon viewing once you realize you hate Buffy.

Jeff Carroll

I am being a considerate recipient. We're only watching 5 "necessary" episodes in season 1--all but one written by Joss Whedon. S1 was pretty weak.


Well I'm the minority here...I LOVE Buffy, huge fan. I have all the box sets and watch them all the time. They are funny, well acted, and I personally think Joss is a genius. I hope you watch them with an open mind and see them for what they are. A fun show...it's just entertainment. Your hubby's lucky...I've been trying to get my bf to watch for the last 5 years. But, he peeks when I'm watching them, so I might have a small chance one of these days lol. Enjoy them!

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