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November 05, 2010


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My daughter turned 11 this week. Do you happen to still have that copy of the Modess pamphlet?

When I was 10 my neighbor loaned me Judy Blume's Forever. That only served to confuse me even more, as it seemed to take for granted that I already understood certain things about sex, which I most certainly did not.

I see your What Up With That link and raise you three dancing track-suited Jason Sudeikis GIFs: http://www.cigarettesandcoffee.com/posts/2009/12/21/youre-welcome-internet-what-up-with-that-gifs.html

Speaking of GIFs, oh UTCM Prince. <3

In conclusion, great post from you Kelly, as ever. Thanks for the link to Scarleteen. My kid is a little outside of the demo, but not for long.


Oh also, I recently had my yearly appointment with my gynecologist and I was explaining what my visit would be like and when my daughter realized that a gynecologist worked only with women's health issues, she started to laugh so hard. "Really mom? A GUY-necologist? Why isn't it called a GIRL-necologist?" Just wait until I tell her it's called a HIS-terectomy! ;)


Great detective work! This story reads like an episode of "Orgasm, She Wrote."

Joy Corcoran

What a wonderful post and link. It's frightening how little teenagers are told about their bodies. Most are getting all their info from the entertainment industry. I have a few nieces that are going to get an embarrassing email from their old aunt. Scarleteen is teaching me things that at 50 I still did't know!


Oh man, Shannon. ELEVEN? Amazing. I bet she's a beauty. Right on with the girlnecologist idea!

Thanks Melinda and Joy.

Please check out Melinda's genius post supporting the same cause:


Genius?!? Shucks, I'm just a survivor and a smartass. Thanks for the plug, my dear!


Yes, ELEVEN, it hardly seems possible to me. Thanks for the compliment, sometimes I post pics of her on my (newish) blog: http://neuroticcity.blogspot.com/

Thanks for the link to Melinda's post. I LOL'd at her "orgasm, she wrote" comment (Jessica Fletcha, we hardly knew ye), but her Scarleteen post brought the funny and the heavy, a combo that's hard to come by. Thank you for sharing your talents, ladies!


I had that very pamphlet. In the mid-60s. My mother made me wear skirts that long, too.

When I hit menarche, I tried using tampons, but hadn't the knack of the cardboard tube insertion. After I became sexually active, OB tampons were new to the market, and they were easier to insert. Left pads behind until I delivered my son.

Well, my parents had talked in factual but vague fashion about sex, and to be honest, the sex ed classes weren't much better. I learned I should stay away from women in tailored suits, but not why (they were LeSbIaNs!). I still don't know any lesbians that dress that way! I think The Story of O taught me *much* more about sexual activity.

Other than the first intromission, I had no idea that there was motion involved, much less what foreplay actually was. Was I in for a surprise!

Now, we talked to our son as he was growing up and the subject appeared. He understood his responsibilities towards any woman he dated, or was intimate with, and why. I did realize he probably had no idea what AIDS was, so I talked to him about it a year or more ago. He's probably heard us having sex--he's certainly heard some of the foreplay, judging by a knock on the door one night (it was locked).

I come to find out he's refused to take the sexual health segment because "his parents already told him everything". I tried not to laugh. I suggested that the next time it came around (on the chorus, of course), he might take it to see what we might have forgotten to say. I marvel at the idea of us having told him EVERYTHING there was to know about sex! We certainly haven't told him about kink or fetish sex, and that's *his* responsibility to learn.

He's pretty relaxed about his body. We are casually nude out back with the pool and hottub, and he's seen enough skin not to associate mere nudity with sexual situations.

I wonder when someone is going to write erotica/romantica/chicklit with the title, Orgasm, She Wrote. Love that phrase!


At age 42 I now know how to pronounce "Modess." *fistpump*

It was like I was reading about myself, except once I summoned all my courage and ashamedly asked my mom about periods, i.e., what they were. She summoned all her courage and told me to ask my big sister. At which point I washed my hands of the matter.

Marvelous A

All the grown women in my life were pretty stoic, too. I learned everything I needed to know from *The Color Purple* and *The Thorn Birds* when I was 11 or 12. Thank God for the library.

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