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October 15, 2010


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I wonder if you use salted butter if the added salt isn't necessary. If the American Test Kitchen is correct (along with my memory) salt sometimes mucks up the moister of a cookie.


Can I just say that word jumble you have to do to post is a bitch with dyslexia. I always fail at least once. It's like my "yup, still got it" test.


Just made these, Kelly. AMAZING. Thanks for posting recipe!!!


Go Tassoula, and sorry about that, Hil! I wish you didn't have to do the word jumble. I have to do it too, and it's my blog!


I've got these in the oven right now. Looks like they are going to be some BIG cookies! Can't wait to see how they turn out.....thanks for sharing the recipe. I love your blog!


I just made these. I was so excited because you seemed to love them and the picture made them look so delicious. But I followed the recipe exactly and they were not very good. They were large, cake-like, tasteless, and hard around the edges. :(


Sorry you didn't like them, Morrie! I truly think these cookies are incredible, and I am craving some right now (am on horrifying diet).


I am thinking about trying it again. Today's weather is not the best for baking.
What sort of diet are you on?


It's kind of based on Tim Ferriss' weight loss plan from his new book "The 4-hour Body." It's basically a low-carb, high protein, high green vegetables diet with one splurge day per week to convince your body that you're not starving. I've lost around 6-7 pounds over a couple of weeks (with some holiday-related cheating) and so has Jeff.

I really don't understand why the cookies didn't work out for you. Sorry I can't help you--kind of need to see/taste them to figure out what's going on. :)


You should definitely blog about it! I and many others have made resolutions to lose some weight for the new year.

Me either. And I appreciate your helpfulness. I also want to try the lemon ricotta "cakies."


I'm sure I will, as soon as I can come up with a recipe for chicken that is not a total snorefest! Some of the stuff I've made is pretty good, like the chicken fajitas I made last night, but since we can't doll it up with cheese, sour cream, or even a blasted tortilla, it kind of takes the pizazz out of the meal. Actually, maybe I'll write about the diet and use a splurge day recipe. Yes.

Those cakies are achingly good. Have fun!

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