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September 22, 2010


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I waiting with you, Kelly. I had to go through it too and it is so hard, this waiting. I'm thinking of you daily and so glad you have Jeff. I know Bun IS a healer, because my cats and dogs also got me through the waiting. Super Big HUG to you!!!!


You are still in that bubble of positivity, Kelly. We're thinking of you!


Kelly, just a thought, my OBGYN told me years ago that women w/ dense breasts (I am in that club too) just tend to develop areas of "density" (not the word he used but I can't remember it just now). (Caveat, we also don't sag! ;-) Glad your docs are not being cavalier though and jumping right on it, so to speak.

Furthermore w/ that attitude nothing negative stands a chance w/ you! Brava!!! And remember, of all your parts, it's your heart that is the painter. And that's looking mighty fine!

Once again, prayers to you.

Sara Poskas

Kelly, you rock. I fainted after over an hour of prodding around in my breast. Please know I follow your story and I am with you!


I found you through your sister and your beautiful art, dry sense of humor, and quick wit always make me smile! Your lil troublemakers are in my thoughts and prayers. During the "Not Knowing" part, feel free to cry it out, scream, whatever, as long as you get it out. I'll be hoping for a clean bill of health soon!


I often want to believe, in every mammography or ultrasound that I have, that if Cancer strikes my boobs that I will be the picture of positivity and pink ribbons. But I think you're right in so many ways, and it's right to be gloomy about it. At points.

You are still surrounded by positivity even at your gloomiest!

the not knowing is TRULY the hardest part, I think!


Praying for a happy result and some peace of mind. :)

Elizabeth Mackey

Virtual hug to you both, and still hoping with you that all turns out well.


Hi Kelly,

I have been reading your blog for a while now (I stumbled upon it after watching your sister Emily on YouTube) and I must say I am so sorry for what you are going through right now. It's crazy how things can happen so fast.

I hate to ask this now, but I've been reading your blog for quite some time and you have mentioned on numerous occasions that 'children were not in the cards'. Have you ever blogged about why this is or is it just something not for the blog world?

I hope you feel better and be brave :)

The Beautiful Kind

I have a fiery Latina girlfriend who had a lump in her breast. She told the doctors, "That is NOT MINE. I DON'T WANT IT. IT HAS TO LEAVE MY BODY NOW." Six weeks of praying and positive thinking later, she went back to the doctor for another test. It was gone. They were shocked. She was not.

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