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September 19, 2010


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Again...pretty awesome!


Incredible piece. I'm curious though: what's Terry reading? Did he specifically request to be reading that book in the painting, or was it just whatever he was reading at the time? I feel like whenever someone's portrayed holding a specific object it's supposed to hold some great significance, but I also have the tendency to read too much into things.

Again, great work!


I just *knew* that link for "most" would reveal the many-spined, multicolored chaos that overruns my bookshelves! I'll have you know, missy: we're bohemians at my house, not librarians!


Hechanova, the book he's reading is called Notes from No Man's Land by Eula Biss. It's a collection of essays about race relations, I think. You can see the details a lot more clearly (and hugely) if you click on the picture. That book was sitting on the dining room table along with other books and papers, and he picked it up. He didn't seem to give it much thought, so I asked him if he wanted that to be the "main book" of the painting and he was happy with it. :)

Melinda, your girl and your/her books are superstars, and you know it. As I type this Mabel is being hung at the Marietta-Cobb Museum of Art in Atlanta! :D


Know this I do. I'm very proud that the Littlest Bohemian is representing in Atlanta. We're planning a trip with Mabel's Auntie Rose to see cousin Owen in Chicago, by the way.

Mary Gardner

I love this painting Kelly!
Terry's expression is so like him and the details of the books and bookcases makes me feel as if I'm in the room visiting - or reading, too.

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