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September 25, 2010


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Jay Rogers

I knew this playlist would have songs that would fill more than the ears! Thanks for the 'inside view'. We are so glad that you can feel 'whole' again. And now for the entire lyric: "To sing the blues you've got to live the dues and carry on". Indeed!


I am not getting this. Cancer scare playlist? Really? Once again, I don't know you. I've just really enjoyed your blog for a long time.

My two cents for whatever little they're worth: you have been through a terrible scare, and in my book, it needed to be behind you, altogether, from the moment the doc said "no cancer!". (FYI I've lost immediate family members to this disease. Some I know have triumphed over this insidious killer. The latter focus on their lives now lived, not the ferocious battle they waged to get here).

Kelly, if I may, please, get back to your incredible gift of painting and this precious year you have to let it blossom. I think you may have a career ahead of you as a professional painter. Forget cancer!

End comment. Delete if you wish.


bj, if I may, this cancer scare derailed my blog and my painting life for about one week. My hands were trembling too much for me to paint. I chose to tell my readers about it because it was a huge deal to me, and writing about it and reading their comments helped me cope with the stress tremendously. A day or so after I learned that I did not have cancer, a personal friend and cancer survivor asked me to share some of the songs that helped me through the toughest month of my life, during which time I still managed to paint. A lot. I didn't want to say no to him. Rest assured that I will be back on here with all the free art and recipes my readers have come to expect, but I refuse to apologize for writing about things that are important to me on my blog.

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