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August 06, 2010


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Your painting of the Art Theater is such a lovely thing, especially as a "Thank You" to give to someone. I looked up the theater website and read about its very long history. Nice personal touch, also, to add Mr. Ebert and his wife into the painting, reminiscent of a Hitchcock cameo.


Oh! I'm getting a little verklempt.

The reflections on the street and sidewalk are stupendous, by the way. Really, really beautiful.

Susan K.

This is a lovely watercolor, I agree. You did a great job on the cars & the glare/reflection of the lights & puddles. The Art *is* a wonderful theater, I hope it manages to stay open. You're so very fortunate that Roger Ebert has taken an interest in your work! I hope all good things come your way from this interest. And thanks for sharing that clip from Cinema Paradiso--love it!

I agree with what you've written about Chaz, but...really? have you ever seen a picture of her? She's African-American.


I made her quite a bit darker than Roger. :)

The Beautiful Kind

This is SOOOOO COOL!!!!! A piece of you is priceless!


Is Mr. Ebert aware that the couple in the watercolour is him and his wife?

I must say it is amazing how luminous the lights are....I can't figure out how you do that in watercolour...it seems as if the lights are so real...

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