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July 18, 2010


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So happy for you, Kelly....so deserved!!


I am so stinking happy for you!!!!! I just shared this story with some friends and started crying out of pure joy for you!!!!! :) I'm so proud to have been one of your students!!!!!!


You deserve this and so much more. You are beyond talented and funny to boot... a wonderful and rare combination!

P.S. I found your blog from watching Emily on YouTube and have not been able to stop religiously checking your blog. I don't know which one of you is the most the adorable and genuine!


wow kelly, what a story! congrats! you deserve it!


Kismet is my librarian.


Ah... the bookshelves look like they live in a home where they are loved & used. :)


Hey. I just found your blog from Roger Ebert's twitter, and I wanted to say that I had no idea watercolors could look like this. You're an amazing artist.


How cool, seeing the story from beginning to end.

Hi Mabel, I love how you love books.

Took me a while to find Ebert's book near her bent right knee, next to red book.

Tom Dark

Roger knows an artist when he sees one and capturing the little reader's intent expression is superb artistry. So is her artistry making a smile for the camera! Precious.


I must agree! Beautiful color and light!


Rogert Ebert AND Spy - Mabel could not have any better taste in reading. :)
What an awesome story! Not to mention that Roger Ebert SHOWS, scientifically,
that emoticons in emails are A-OK.

Good luck on the year off, K! I think now is the time for a prominently positioned
new painting of Bono! ;)

Serene @ MomFoodProject

Aww. Isn't he such a class act?


I'm very happy for you and it was well deserved. I too stumbled upon your blog watching and being an advid follower of Emily's Beauty Broadcast and her YouTube channel. :) I've been a follower of your writing and paintings ever since! Brava!!!


I’m a long-time fan of your U2 cartoons and of your blog (but this is my first time commenting). How exciting to see the kudo’s and attention coming your way - so well-deserved! Beautiful paintings, wonderful recipes and blog - thanks for sharing everything with us. And belated congrats on your year off to paint!


That is FABULOUS! :D

Mark D.

Best. WWW. Story. Ever. Congrats, Kelly!


That is awesome!!

I'm also a longtime fan of your U2 cartoons :). Hope Bun is doing well.

The Beautiful Kind

Sweet serendipity! In your next masterpiece you need to paint in an Oprah mag...

By the way, what are your fav movies? I like American Beauty.

David Comay

What an awesome story, Kelly. Congratulations and it couldn't have happened to a more deserving artist!

Mark@Mortgage Shop

Wow! The painting looks so real!


Thanks very much to all of you for your comments! It's been an incredible 48 hours, I tell you. Traffic on my blog skyrocketed from the usual 250 hits to an unprecedented 3,000 in one day.

...And now to slip back into total obscurity/anonymity. ;)


Kelly, ditto.

Tasha...I have had the pleasure of meeting both of them, and can personally attest that they are both completely adorable and genuine. Excellent upbringing if you ask me. :)


Hi, I am another 'lurker' of your blog for quite some time. I have tried many of your suggested recipes (which are always brilliant and enjoyed by the fam)- the nuddie balls were a hit with the boys... and always look forward to seeing your lovely paintings. I find it difficult to believe that you will ever 'slip into obscurity'. You are far too talented :)

Korinthia Klein

That is AWESOME! Lovely painting, and attention well deserved.

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