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May 12, 2010


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"there's always somebody waiting in the wings to take over your job, and suddenly you're just a fading memory. But it sounds like I made a difference."
- Terrifically well said. I am about to leave a job I am in love with for a move and I related so well to that sentiment. I never imagined myself falling in love with a job, I hope I can find this feeling again soon.
It sounds like Oregon misses your talent.


I know what it means to love a job; I have one such now and have had the good fortune of being in a couple of other such positions as I worked up to this one.

As for you and this post, I am reminded of the adage "You've some a long way, baby!" ;-)

Way to go Kellie!


Ohhh, Oregon. Blergh. My old house was torn down to no end and is now an empty grassy area. It's not as though I ever wanted to live there again, but now there's not even a place to point to.

We did love you, and I'm sure Oregon misses you -- or, worse yet, they don't know what they're missing.

I was too young when I had Cheryl to make any useful comparison. But I was always impressed she taught art AND social studies and seemed competent at both!

Adam T

Great teachers are seldom easily replaced, and they are certainly never forgotten by those they taught. Reading this made me realized how incredibly lucky I was to have had you as a teacher.


As I scrolled through the pics and stories, I found myself also looking for things I'd remembered from your time in Oregon. "Where is pond?", as Bun/Owl used to say. And what about the hardcore jogger of indeterminate gender. Probably not on the road at the right time. Also, I remember a lot of talk about a certain pheasant.

Thanks for this post. I agree, you've certainly come a long way.

Oh and also, I must agree that excellent teachers like yourself can be gone but never forgotten. As my daughter has made her way through 4th grade this year, I know I will never forget her teacher having L's back on the most difficult of days, and I fear I may never find the words to thank her for that.

Kaitlyn C.

You were by far my favorite teacher in high school.. and obviously the most talented.. We definitely missed you when you left.. but it is nice to see how well it worked out for you =]

The Beautiful Kind

Give my man a shovel and hat and he looks just like Smokey the Bear. Fire Danger around him is very high. :)


I was oddly comforted knowing the fire danger level at all times. There should be more signs like that. Chances of being attacked by a Velociraptors: Low. These are things we should know!

Whenever people visited me I'd take them around the parks, the statue, Conover, the cemeteries (my mom is a genealogist so I grew up finding the cemeteries in a town more hospitable than the people typically) and then drive them by the school even though it made my stomach hurt to go near it. Not sure why because nothing truly bad happened to me there. Just many tiny bad things that wore on me.

"and, one time, a plaster kitchen ceiling that fell to the floor in chunks after a disastrous combination of thunderstorm and roof repair"

I hate that day too because it was the day I had my one and only return visit to the high school and you had just left to deal with apartment apocalypse. Bad timing.

Tiffany Larsen

No matter how much you hate your place, there is always a reason why you keep on coming back. But it makes me wonder why you hate that place. It looks very serene, and this can be a great tourist destination. Well, I'm happy that you visited Oregon again! =)

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