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May 30, 2010


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Jeff Carroll

Gladys the Groovy Mule better watch her back now. I love you Pup!


Congrats Kelly on taking this leap! You deserve it after so many years of teaching. I am at a cross roads myself, looking to do something just like this. Office work for so many years, and always wanting to have a block of time for my creative passion instead. I raise my wine glass to you...Cheers. Enjoy!!


I am extremely very supersized happy for you!



Congrats! I'm sure you'll get some absolutely stunning things done.


That is fantastic!! Hip hip horray!! I'm so happy for you! Just out of curiosity, have you ever considered offering lessons in watercolor painting as an alternative career path? Here's a random thought, perhaps you can use Youtube as a media to teach mini lessons in painting or art related subjects.

Tassoula Kokkoris

I admire you so much for doing this, and for that post you read up there. I'm also now saving up for a Kelly painting! ;)


Congratulations on this decision. You will flourish and find a new lease on life, coupled with the copious amounts of time you will have to your painting.

I completely understand your issues regarding not being able to have children...and you are right...it is nobody's business. It is so hard sometimes to bear the thought of never being able to have kids...but somehow, we resign outselves to this fact.

You will have a wonderful time. I'm envious! I contemplating a year's leave (with pay) by working at 80 percent of my salary for the next four years and on the fifth year, take a glorious leave. I'm hoping to get the paper work done during the next school year.

Have fun.


Aw, that's so exciting! I can't wait to see all the beautiful things you paint - hopefully you'll share :)


What a wonderful idea, and you're so lucky you can do this! You seem to have a wonderful family (kitties included)....enjoy your year, and happy painting....maybe you can update your blog even more...I enjoy reading it so much, it's the first one I check for updates :-)


Great news about your sabbatical. I have one every five-six years per contract. They're great and very productive.
Regarding children, they are better than cats (and even woodchuck babies.;-) From reading your blog, I've always thought you'd make a great mom!!! It's none of my business, as I don't know you at all (just adore your blog), but, have you and Jeff considered adoption?


This is the best thing!

Also, my mom was impressed that your school even offers this program.


Wow, thank you for the words of support, everybody! <3 I'm super excited about this.

bj, obviously anyone who can't have a child but wants one considers adoption. I didn't want to go into it above, as it is indeed nobody's business, but if you really want to know...I'm not one of those women who is dying for a baby, any baby. Ultimately I wanted Jeff's baby. Since the thought of anything else seemed like a compromise to me, I figured I just shouldn't pursue it. Also being a teacher of 4000+ children for 17 years kind of cured any need I had to be around children. When Poof learned that I won't be a mother, she immediately told Mom that we should share her. <3

I'd just like to say that just because a woman can't or chooses not to have children, it doesn't make her any less of a woman. I am blissfully happy with my husband, my cats, and yes, my chuckies.


Kellie, my suggestion that you consider adoption was NOT a judgement on your life choices or the quality of your "womanliness"; just a thought born of 1)as I mention, lack of knowledge of your journey w/ Jeff, as I don't know you and 2)the opinion, gleaned from your blog only, that you seem like you'd make a good mom, should you choose that path at any time, in a manner of your choice.
In my profession, I have many colleagues who are in non-traditional partnerships, are not parents by choice, are first-time parents in their fourties and beyond--whether by nature, medical assistance, or adoption--or are same-sex parents
So, while you don't know me either, now perhaps you'll understand the context of my comment--that you'd make a good mom--as simply that: you seem like you'd make a good mom whatever your life path or relationship circumstance.


Thanks for saying that, bj. I'm pretty sure I would make a good mom, too. :) I'm just kind of defensive/sensitive about the "have you considered adoption?" question.


kelly, this is beautiful. i am so happy for you.

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