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April 25, 2010


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You are a beautiful gal! Somehow you don't seem to realize that. (At least that's what I get from reading your posts). And yes, this new style is very becoming!
PS What product did you use?


wow! you're so beautiful! I have the same type of course unruly, curly hair. I have it in a pony tail for work, but at the end of the day when I remove the pony tail, I get the same effect and its beautiful right? it'll be wavy and glossy nearer the roots and then all those curls at the ends! it has to definitely be the best part of my day! haha..


bj, I have my moments when I've got to admit I'm looking good, but I tell you, working in an environment where you're two times older than your clients can be humbling! Some of my students are so gorgeous. Thank you for saying that. :)

And thank you layla! You're so right about the glory of de-ponytailing. :D


I hear you....can't even count the number of times, being in the classroom, feeling all cute and chic, ready to impart pearls of wisdom, when these beautiful young creatures walk in, and then I feel like a million years old (I'm the same age as you too).

Your hair looks great in any picture that I've seen of you in this blog, but this particular style really suits you.

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