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March 26, 2010


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Jim Rhino

What an easy, but incredibly excellent looking recipe. I must try this. Tomorrow...or Sunday...but this recipe is being made in the Rhino den soon. Thanks for sharing!
Carpe 'Que,
Jim Rhino


Jim! Dude! Do it and report back! Also, feel free to cut down on the salt a bit. I like a saltier meatball, but your mileage may vary.


I'm making this for dinner tonight...I have all the ingredients.
Yummy, thanks!!! (I haven't heard Pearls before Swine in a long time, so funny!!)


"pearls before swine" Hmmmm! Comes in handy at times.
Kelly do you buy organic? Not promoting it, just wondering as I consider my own grocery shopping habits.


A thought on marketing those meatballs. Have you considered serving them skewered on a stick w/ sauce on the side, sorta like food-on-a-stick aka state fair greasy bad-for-you foods?
As any artist must, consider the audience (even swine if they be;-)! I predict mucho $$$$ next year. ;-)


Nice idea, bj, but they're just not as pretty when taken out of the sauce. :D


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